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This account's been retired for quite some time.

2013-07-13 02:43:55 by SSaB

If you want to get in touch with where I am musically, message me on facebook:


Still Alive

2012-03-04 13:31:10 by SSaB


...I need to learn how to actually finish songs.


2011-11-26 11:59:11 by SSaB

Show me some love.

....go make me a sammich.

Not to tempt fate, bbbuuuttttttttt

2011-08-19 11:26:49 by SSaB

I'm having a really good production week :D

Demos posted, and a prog trance song in the works.

Do people even read these?

2011-06-20 12:59:17 by SSaB



Movie Music

2011-04-23 00:32:25 by SSaB


New Demo Up!

2011-02-27 22:05:54 by SSaB /402855

Go check it out!
Trust me, it's amazing :D

Writers Block

2010-01-23 11:38:10 by SSaB

So, I have been stuck in writers block amongst learning guitar, piano, and working on other projects.
I hope I can pull something out this weekend.

SSaBStyle Reviews

2009-10-20 18:41:11 by SSaB

You rate my audio, I rate yours.

Also, new song soon. I really like the melody this time too.
Shootin for a F-77 feel as always.

Going good.

2009-10-04 09:24:23 by SSaB

So, well I am making this song right now, extremely based off ofF-77's One Last Hope. The emotion he puts into his songs is outstanding, its become a goal for me. This new piece is strictly limited to trance, with the exception of strings/chior and piano. I just seem to feel really empowered now knowing that I can make my own music, I get to name the songs, I get to control everyhting. I knwo maybe one person will read this, but its worth it, and I just wanted to put this out there. Things are going good =)